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Environment and equipment



suppliers - soft furnishings, equipment

Midwives who have developed and furnished midwifery led units have shared details of companies who provide products, that are NHS compliant and creative in design. Whilst we do not endorse any product on this site, we thought it would be useful to provide links to companies for specific items, to save time. Do let us know if you find suppliers and products that you like. UK consultant midwife Kathryn Guttridge has compiled this useful document


Buddy Day Bed

Toronto Recliner by Beaver

Bradbury Birthing Couch


Moba Cots


Frosted column recommended by Worcestershire Birth Centre as 'one of the most effective items and completely room/ mood  changing (midwife and women/ families)' 


Moving Essence recommended by Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Email:  Mob: 0044 (0) 7849 450 375   Website:



Active Birth Pools recommended by Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust 

Email: Mob: 07793745907  Website: Active Birth Pools